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olive tree



Without a doubt, the olive cultivation is the activity that involves and bonds the whole Rosati family, with its deep Tuscan roots. In this region, oil has always been a precious object, giving importance to local dishes made of simple and few ingredients.
The wrinkled trunks of the centuries-old olive groves tell the story of the Fontanelle business, while their vitality shows the love and care that is given to them year after year.


The most important and representative of the business is the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from the traditional variety of olives (Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino) and found between Vadichiana and Valdorcia.
Such olives are distinguished by their fruity and fragrant scent and their delightful green colour.
The centuries-old olive groves are situated next to newly-planted groves.